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Here’s The Only Place In Ireland I’d Choose Over A Foreign Holiday

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It’s very easy to take Ireland for granted.

When the commute to work provides sights of wheel-less bikes, last night’s cans and puddles big enough to dive into – it’s often that we think to ourselves how much we’d love to get away.

However, every so often – Ireland really shocks you into thinking how really bloody lucky we are to be living on this beautiful island, and how utterly breath-taking it is to look at.

I had this experience recently on the absurdly sensational island of Inis Oírr.

Inis Oírr is the smallest of the three Aran Islands located within viewing distance of Galway’s rugged west coast. The island is transportable by boat from what locals call ”The Mainland” several times daily.

Upon embarking upon your maiden voyage to the islands three, you’ll find yourself mystified by the best view of the Cliffs of Moher you could ever imagine.

The boat docks and you skip off merrily to the nearby beach, which boasts clearer water than The Med – and more craic too.

You can fully see your toes when swimming.

The best kept secret in Ireland!

Airbnbs on the island are cheap as chips and pub grub is way better than your average. Music keeps going until the wee hours in nearby pubs – and the Guinness is brewed to perfection.

Oh, and keep an eye out for the bodhrán with Bobby Sands on it… Because that’s a real treat

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To shake off the cobwebs the following morning, you can rent bikes for a cycle around the gorgeous spot – or you can easily just stroll around the teeny island, spotting shipwrecks and happy puppies while you strut.

On weekends, you can treat yourself to some handmade Aran fudge – which is just as tantalising as it sounds.

And you can even brush up on your cúpla focal by chatting to locals in their native tongue.

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And you know what the best bit is?

You can do all of these dreamy treats over a weekend, and feel absolutely refreshingly good for work on Monday.

It’s super easy, remarkably cheap and the easiest getaway you’ll ever venture on.

Oh, and there are donkeys. Which is pretty much a dealbreaker in itself.

So, now all you’ve got to do is take yourself on the Irish adventure you’ve been craving for so long – and fall in love with the Emerald Isle once more.

People travel for miles to catch a glimpse of this stuff… And you have it here on your doorstep.

You lucky thing you.

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