Just Moved Into A New Gaff? This Fab Site Has Everything You Need

By Sarah

February 4, 2018 at 10:32am


The only thing worse than coming home from work when it's lashing rain outside is coming home to a seriously grim, dark home.

You need a little bit of cheer and sparkle around the gaff, y'know?

And while we love Tiger and IKEA as much as the next person for getting cute home bits 'n bobs, you're kind of likely to see the exact same candle holder or cushion in at least three of your mates' houses.

So when we stumbled upon Fab, an American site that has the most beauuuutiful things we've ever seen, we knew we just had to share it.

From delicate illustrations to geode cushions and taxidermy unicorns, Fab has some of the most unique things we've ever seen.

Check it out...

Diamond Aurora & Black Cord ($178)

The Alejandra ($99)

Monkey Money Bank ($55)

Blue Pillow ($40)

4 Green Opal Tumblers ($40)

Pineapple Tumber ($35)

Jurassic Bloom ($32)

Now, who's off to start completely redecorating?

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