Guinness & Smirnoff Ice Concoctions Are Now A Thing

A pub in Galway has started serving 'Black Ice'

Guinness Smirnoff Ice

We're not sure this constitutes a cocktail, but a Guinness & Smirnoff Ice concoction now exists and we're not entirely sure how we feel about it.

A Galway pub called An Púcán brought the alcoholic polar opposites together in what seems to known as 'Black Ice'. Great name, in fairness.

Check it out below.   

A photo posted by An Pucan (@anpucan) on

The Galway pub wasn't the first to dabble in this unholy marriage of alcopop and stout, with The Marine Boathouse in Skegness also serving the concoction, though they're calling it 'The Badger' (damn, that's a great name too).

If any intrepid soul out there has tried this black and white marvel, let us know how it tasted.

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