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08th Dec 2017

Have You Been Storing Your Wine The Wrong Way All Along?


What’s worse than sitting down to pop open your favourite bottle of vino to find that the cork has completely crumbled and fallen into the wine? That’s right – nothing.

But when it comes to keeping your wine in great condition, it all comes down to storage.

According to Cosmopolitan, there is a clever reason behind storing wine lying down on wine racks.


Wine critic and writer Joanna Simon said that it is important to keep the bottle lying down, so that the wine stays in contact with the cork preventing it from drying out.

If the cork dries out, it can be come brittle. This can result in those annoying little pieces of cork floating around in your glass.

Simon added that it is important to open your bottle of wine correctly as well. She said: “Poor corkscrews, with a sharp bevelled edge, rather than a smooth, rounded one, are more likely to break corks.” 

So it seems that the only way we’ll be able to avoid corked wine is to stick to storing it horizontally, or just opting for a screw top bottle. 

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