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27th Nov 2020

Here are all the details for tonight’s Late Late Show and Graham Norton show

Rory Cashin

Or at least all of the details that have been made available!

Tonight is the night!

But if you thought that The Late Late Show would be the more Christmassy of the two options, you haven’t taken into account that Graham has got the one person that is perhaps the most synonymous with Christmas, except maybe for Santa Claus himself, and even then, it would be a close call.

The Late Late Toy Show – RTE One – 9.35pm

We know the theme, and we know the time it starts, and…. that is kind of it.

We’re sure there will be some inventive ways to watch kids play with all of the must-own toys for this Christmas, and there will undoubtedly be some kind of emotional reunion that will have us all blubbering messes by the end of the night.

On the Toy Show, Tubs has said: “We had a different theme picked and then March happened. We had a different plan ready to go and then ‘Lockdown 2’ happened. We met speed bump after speed bump after speed bump, and we keep climbing over them to get to Friday night. So this show is about determination and resilience and this show reflects, in those words, what Irish people have been about all year.”

The Graham Norton Show – BBC One – 11.15pm

Trying to remain calm here…. but the one and only Mariah Carey will be joining Graham this week! She’ll be discussing her new Apple TV+ show, the Magical Christmas Special, which is set to include a Christmas song collaboration with Jennifer Hudson and Ariana Grande!

TV chef and writer Nadiya Hussain will also be chatting to Graham, with her new book Nadiya Bakes arriving in book stores. Tim Peake will discuss his book too, the autobiography Limitless, which tells the story of his life as an astronaut, while comedian and TV presenter Richard Osmon will also be discussing his new book, a crime novel by the name of The Thursday Murder Club.

And providing the music for the night (assuming┬áMariah doesn’t belt one out herself), it’ll be Gary Barlow performing his new single Incredible, from his new solo album Music Played By Humans.

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