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27th May 2017

Here’s How Sexy Your Accent Is – According To This Survey


Accents are a funny thing: something as simple as the way you pronounce one word can have a huuge impact on what people think about you.

The Irish brogue has always been up their with the most-loved accents (have you ever gone on holidays and not been asked to say thirty three and a third?)

But now it’s actually official that Irish women (sorry guys) have the sexiest accent in the British Isles area.

Our gals came out on top in a survey by, of the best accents in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Irish lasses got 26% of the male vote to win, while 19% of women think Irish men speak superbly.

They lost out to Scottish lads, who received 24% of women’s votes, closely followed by a ‘posh’ accent at 20%.

Interestingly, 20% of men and 17% of women said that an unattractive accent would actually be enough of an issue that they wouldn’t date someone, according to the survey. spokesperson Christian Grant explained to the Irish Mirror: “The Irish accent is unarguably sexy.

“Why? It’s hard to say for sure, but we can make some logical guesses.

“First, there’s an incredible amount of variety in the accent for such a small country.

“The Irish are also incredibly inventive with their vocabulary; even someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the English language can have trouble keeping up sometimes.

“And finally, we can’t underestimate the influence of Irish celebrities.

“The Colin Farrells and Saoirse Ronans of this world fly the Irish flag in Hollywood.”

Nice one.

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