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25th Jan 2018

Here’s Why Your Tinder Profile Might Not Be As Private As You Think


If you’re a Tinder user, your swipes might not be as sneaky as you think. 

A new security study has revealed a major issue with the dating app, which allows hackers to watch people’s dating decisions in action. 

They can also control users’ profile pictures and swap them for anything they please.  

It’s all because Tinder lacks basic HTTPS encryption for photos. 

“Knowing an ill-disposed attacker can view and document your every move on Tinder, who you like, or who you decide to chat with is definitely disturbing,” reads the intro to the research. 

“Until all application makers implement comprehensive application security testing solutions, we should probably still be cautious and mindful.”

That might make you think twice before looking for love on an unsecured WiFi network…

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