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17th Jul 2020

Hilarious sign encourages public to ‘treat your mask like underwear’

Sarah Finnan

Treat your mask like underwear

First shared by the Facebook page ‘A Chalkboard A Day’, the sign encourages people to treat their mask as they would their underwear. A fairly apt analogy when you think about it.

Set up during Covid-19 as a means to “bring humour and positivity” to neighbours and friends, the page has over 11k followers. All of whom have gone wild for one of the latest creations – a public guide on how to treat your mask like your underwear.

With masks now playing an integral role in everyday life, people have become increasingly aware of the etiquette involved in wearing one with this sign managing to sum it up in seven funny steps.

Captioning it “simple rules to live by”, the seven steps to treating your mask like underwear include the following:

  1. Do not touch or adjust (especially in public).
  2. Do not borrow or lend.
  3. Make sure fit is tight but comfortable.
  4. Make sure it is clean.
  5. Wear the right side out.
  6. If it is damp, change it.
  7. Don’t go commando.

The image has gone over swimmingly well on social media, with it being shared far and wide as a reminder to do what the sign says and make sure to wear a mask. Here’s our handy guide of where to pick up a reusable mask in Dublin should you find yourself in need of another.

Header image via Facebook/A Chalkboard A Day

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