9 Horrifying Photos Of Food From The 1970s That Your Parents PROBABLY Cooked In Their Day

Shield your eyes

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These culinary horrors will make you appreciate every meal someone sane has ever prepared for you.

Recipes from the 70s are honestly terrifying as show by this Twitter account.

If these dishes don't give you nightmares, I don't know what will. 

It burns.

1. What an elegant salad! Cauliflower and olives – my favourite 

2. And how about this lovely 'Convenience Fish' Salmon and Pear Salad – yummmmmm

3. In the mood for some plaice with bananas? We have just the thing

4. Surprise eggs with 'tunny fish'

5. Tongue salad... vom

6. 'Kipper Fluffs' should be illegal

7. A Creamy Dried Beef Mould will impress any dinner guest 

8. Giving your dinner guests food poisoning has never been easier  

9. The only thing better than risotto is Deviled Egg Risotto

Lost your appetite?


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