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07th Mar 2018

BBC To Air Unmissable Film About IRA Funeral Murders During The Troubles

Darragh Berry

The Guardian online has announced that the BBC will air a film sometime this month about one of the darkest moments during The Troubles.

At the funerals of three IRA members – Sean Savage, Daniel McCann and Mairead Farrell on March 16th 1988 – a loyalist gunman called Michael Stone fired shots and threw grenades at people who were attending the funeral.

The incident left many seriously injured and also killed three people.

What followed was a dramatic turn of events which seen two weeks of violence in what was one of the darkest moments during The Troubles period.

It will be the first time that family members of the three victims who lost their lives that day have spoken to the media and the film will find out the background story behind Kevin Brady, Thomas McErlean and John Murray.

It’s an hour-long and features many interviews, one of which is with Gerry Adams who was actually at the funeral on that day. 

Speaking to the Guardian, the film’s creator, Vanessa Engle said that: “Beyond its value as a document of historical record, the film also has contemporary resonance, thirty years on from the funerals in showing how enduring conflict arises when groups of people have politically polarised views.”

The film will air sometime in March on BBC2.

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