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13th Apr 2020

Irish business comes up with hilarious Matt Damon inspired tote bags after THAT photo

Sarah Finnan

Matt Damon tote bags

Here to film an upcoming movie alongside pal and co-star Ben Affleck, Matt apparently decided to ride out the coronavirus wave here in Ireland… choosing to isolate in Dublin’s fair city.

Matt Damon has been seen tipping about Dublin in recent days.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted him in and around Dalkey, first at a cafe and more recently returning from a swim. Snapped with a SuperValu bag in hand (presumably containing his towel and togs), some would argue that you can’t get more Irish than that.

And true to form, Irish Twitter responded to the photo giving it the photoshop and meme treatment… ultimately resulting in Matt Damon trending in Ireland on Easter Sunday.

Well, Hairy Baby has gone and jumped on the bandwagon creating their own Matt Damon-inspired “big bag of cans in Dalkey with da lads” tote bag.

Just to clarify, Hairy Baby don’t actually make these tote bags… but if they did, we’d want 12. Anyone willing to start a petition to get these bad boys on the market?!

The country may be in lockdown but if there’s one thing we’ll remember of this time, it’s Matt Damon and his plastic bag. Oh to be by the sea again.