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28th Sep 2023

15 uniquely Irish Halloween costume ideas for 2023

Fiona Frawley

halloween costume ideas 2023

Stand out in a sea of rollerblading Barbies and cowboy Kens.

As September draws to a close, the aroma of pumpkin spice hangs heavily in the air, indicating that spooky season is creeping in and the time to start planning your viral Halloween costume is now. Luckily, there’s been plenty of inspiration over the past year, with bizarre news stories a’plenty just crying out to be interpreted in costume form.

From the RTÉ slush fund to the Portmarnock meteor hole, here are 15 uniquely Irish costume ideas for this Halloween.

Dr. Marie Cassidy on Dancing With the Stars

The “only in Ireland” discourse reached its fully evolved form this year when the former State Pathologist was announced as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

Who says we have no celebs left?

Image via Instagram/dwtsirl

The RTÉ slush fund

Complete the look with a pair of Havaianas and a company card with no limit and you’re good to go.

Image via Amazon

Paul Mescal as Gladiator

The only Roman Empire we’re interested in. Pair an armour vest with a six pack carved into it with a pair of GAA shorts and boom – You’ll be instantly transformed into Maynooth’s most famous export.

The Wexford cocaine trawler

Take inspiration from Kojaque’s Evergreen container ship costume and transform yourself into instant viral sensation, the Wexford cocaine trawler. Construct a seafaring vessel out of cardboard, attach multiple plastic baggies of flour to yourself and bob’s your uncle.

Image via Getty. 

Cillian Murphy at a press junket

Don a black V neck, some icy blue contact lenses, a floppy 90s boyband wig and a facial expression of dissociation verging on pure disgust, and the look is complete.

David, the space enthusiast who discovered the Portmarnock Meteor Hole

Unlike fellow viral sensation The Man Who Slipped on the Ice, David the space enthusiast hasn’t been granted anonymity so we predict a number of Halloween costumes inspired by him this year. The look is quite simple – a classic white tee, ill-fitting denim jeans and of course, a stone you’re convinced fell from outer space to accessorise.

@virginmedianews A mysterious hole on a beach has caused a stir in North Dublin. A local astronomy enthusiast is hoping the crater in Portmarnock, could be the aftermath of a cosmic event. @hanelizaa ♬ original sound – VirginMediaNews

A child at the Ploughing

Emulate this hardy lad enjoying his 14th year at the National Ploughing Championships by donning a black puffer jacket, an agri-company branded beanie and a lapel mic. Accessorise with a toy tractor brandishing a ludicrous price tag to tie the look together.

@rtenews There has been a wet start to the National Ploughing Championships in Co Laois, but the rain is not dampening the spirits of the people who have been there since the gates opened this morning. #ploughingchampionships #ploughing2023 #rtenews #nationalploughingchampionships #farmtok ♬ original sound – RTÉ News

An EP drug surrender bin

Another one that’s simple, yet effective. Piece together your own drug drop box with green card, then peep through the slot hole with your eyes, like Pennywise in the sewer waiting for his next victim.

Image via 

Screenshot, via YouTube 

The ukulele-playing priest from Donegal

Not to be confused with Andrew Scott’s sexy priest. Or maybe he can be – I’ll leave that up to your own interpretation.

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George Michael skullin’ a can of Harp

Maybe a little niche, but the real ones will appreciate it.

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Michael Healy Rae

Don a paddy cap and a white shirt and hold onto a block of turf like it’s your long lost lover and your transformation into the Kingdom’s most controversial politician will be complete.

@mhealyrae How to start your day by Michael Healy-Rae #FYP #ForYou #HealyRae #Turf #KeepTheBogsOpen #RuralIreland ♬ original sound – Michael Healy-Rae T.D.

Couples costumes

An important subcategory, with no shortage of inspiration for 2023.

Noel Kelly and Ryan Tubridy

For Noel, simply find a pinstripe mobster style suit that looks like a cast off from the Bugsy Malone wardrobe department, completed with a pair of Spy Kids-esque early 2000s sunnies and for Ryan, your old debs suit and a look of whimsical dejection will suffice.

Cassie Stokes and interviewee

Our own Cassie has certainly had people talking with her interview series this year, and has taken every parody in her stride. Pop on a pair of mirror sunglasses and grab a mic – the interviewee is welcome to dress as a Hot Pep Slice from B*mbino, if that’s what feels right.

Image via

The Portmarnock meteor hole diggers

We couldn’t just have one nod to the Great Meteor Hole of 2023 on this list. Also workable as a couples costume – grab two green plastic spades, some knock-off Gucci caps and a proud, primary school photo day-esque grin and the look is complete.

A Garda and a Bank of Ireland ATM

He protecc, he attacc, he picks up the BOI IT team’s slacc.

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Did we miss out a viral moment you reckon is crying out to be artfully interpreted in costume form? Let us know!


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