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16th Jan 2023

Irish lads miss their flight home from LA, end up having pints with Brooklyn Beckham and Selena Gomez

Fiona Frawley

Sure we’ve all been there.

If you’re spending an afternoon in LA, your chances of running into a celebrity are significantly higher than if you were back in your Irish hometown. Unless you come across Jedward on one of their many seaside photoshoots, of course.

So for Irish lad Tony McCabe, a day out of playing pool with Brooklyn Beckham and encouraging Selena Gomez to make her return to Instagram was one to remember.

After missing their flight home to Dublin from LA, Tony McCabe and his pal did the only rational thing you can do following such an event – they headed to the pub.

It was here that they met Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola Peltz and Selena Gomez, and bonded over a game of pool and several pints of plain.

Irish lads missed their flight and ended up on the pints with Brooklyn Beckham. 

In an Instagram story of himself posing with Posh and Becks’s first born, Tony writes:

“I’m told his dad was a good footballer and mum a Spice Girl but he’s not a good pool player… ol man T kicked his ass!”

Tony also told Lovin he believes Selena posted her first photo on Instagram after an extended hiatus on the back of “wise advice” he gave her.

Sure enough, there she is at the same bar, getting ready to pot a yellow.

Tony was also only delighted to add that team Ireland came out on top in the pool.

Header image via Tony McCabe

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