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16th Feb 2021

Irish OnlyFans star dividing opinions on Twitter after appearance on Claire Byrne Live

Brian Dillon

Irish OnlyFans star dividing opinions on Twitter after appearance on Claire Byrne Live

An Irish OnlyFans star has been dividing opinions on social media after his appearance on Claire Byrne Live last night.

Matty Gilbert initially gained a following on the video-sharing app TikTok, with many fans urging him to venture into OnlyFans. During his appearance on Claire Byrne Live, Matty claimed to earn $60,000 a month from his OnlyFans pictures and videos.

Twitter has seen an array of reactions, with some poking fun at the situation and others complaining about Matty’s appearance.

One Twitter user wrote, “Claire Byrne promoting only fans, very dangerous and can seriously damage mental health”.

Another said, “My mum fully turned around and said I should set up an OnlyFans. I had to sit her down and tell her that the pictures that guy is posting are NSFW. Fully glamourizing a porn star when they could show someone who uses the site for benefit of more than themselves”.

One user wrote, “Promoting these kind of websites is shocking. These type of sites absolutely destroy relationships as some people think that as it’s virtual it’s harmless. RTE is really scraping the barrel here”.

Meanwhile, others found the funny side of the situation, joking about how they had to explain to their parents what OnlyFans was.

One viewer pointed out how the Irish OnlyFans star might have been treated differently during the segment if he was a woman, writing on Twitter, “Hilarious that #cblive will bring on Matty Gilbert ‘internet sensation’ for his success on OnlyFans yet so many more girls are so successful on it but they’re sluts for it. Interviewing him is also like pulling blood from a stone. Make it make sense”.

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Feature image via @mattygilbert91 on Instagram.