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11th Oct 2021

Irish sketch show is back for season 2 with a few familiar faces

Fiona Frawley

Seeing comedy on RTÉ is a joy.

There is a serious amount of comedic talent going spare on this island, and you love to see it taking up its rightful position on Irish telly.

So obviously, we were buzzed to hear Seriously Sinéad? with Cork based comic Sinéad Quinlan will return for a second series on RTÉ Player.

The first season landed on our screens last year after Sinéad earned herself first place in RTÉ’s Stand Up and Be Funny contest, which showcased some of the best of Irish comedy talent. Season 1 was written with help from Oh My God, What A Complete Aisling writers Sarah Breen and Emer McLysaght, whose comical flair can be felt throughout. This morning on Instagram, Sinéad shared the news about the second season, which will feature a rake of familiar faces from the Irish comedy scene.

Speaking excitedly about the series, Sinéad wrote:

This series is about going to Dublin to give stand up a proper go and of course getting into ridiculous scenarios along the way. I wrote the first drafts while we were still in lockdown, mainly in the kitchen of the place I’m renting with my 2 friends in Cork city. I drank a ridiculous amount of coffee, stared out the window at my neighbours like a creep and started feeding the neighbours cat when it called round in an attempt to make it to call more often , which it did. 

I think we can all relate to the attempt to befriend the neighbourhood cat over lockdown.

The second series was written with help from comedian Eleanor Tiernan, who Sinéad says went “went above and beyond” during the writing process. It’s available on RTÉ Player now, and we can’t wait to binge the lot.

Header image via Instagram/sineadquinlan_

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