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07th Jun 2017

Irish Video Star Cian Twomey Had The Best Response To Someone Abusing Him Online


With great fame often, unfortunately, comes great trolling, and we’d say nobody knows this better than controversial Cian Twomey, whose YouTube clips of his alter-ego ‘Emily’ went viral in 2015.

He’s a gas man, let’s be honest.

Some people don’t find Cian’s humour their cup of chai, but one lad took things too far with an abusive message that he sent to Cian’s Facebook page.

In the message, the troll calls Cian a “fucking idiot” and says that his father (who passed away) wouldn’t be proud of him.

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So, what did Cian do? In his own words, he said:

“I thought it was a kid. Turns out it’s a 45 year old man. I thought to myself “hmmm how do I deal with this?” 
I did what any other person would do, I messaged his mother and snitched on him. 
Don’t mess with me big boy, I’ll go telling on you whether you’re 12 or 45.”

And it’s pretty spectacular.

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G’wan Cian, don’t let the haters drag you down. <3

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