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18th Sep 2020

Jedward are on a roll this Friday and Twitter is loving it 

Sarah Finnan


2020; year of many unexpected things, including the Jedward comeback.

He’s John, he’s Edward and together they are quickly taking over the world. Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration but the famous Irish twins are definitely making moves in that direction and to be honest, it’s probably only a matter of time until they achieve world domination. Especially considering they’ve already done the impossible and managed to get most of the Twittersphere on their side.

Winning hearts with their ‘take no prisoners’ approach, the brothers have been very active online in recent months with today’s tweets addressing the rumours that fellow Irishman Van Morrison is to release three new songs – each with lyrics claiming that Covid is a hoax and lockdown is just a form of government control.

Clearly unimpressed by it all, Jedward were quick to condemn the news, addressing the situation online and writing:

‘All these previous credible artists and @vanmorrison need to stop spreading misinformation! Like your 75 and high risk look after yourself.’

Acknowledging that they know they ‘sound like a broken record’, the real mic-drop moment was yet to come. Joking that they plan on releasing their own new album, they later tweeted the names of the singles that will appear on Owned by Jedward. They include:

  • Wear a Mask ft Noel Gallagher
  • Why don’t you runaway ft Jim Corr
  • Cheekbones ft Ian Brown
  • D for Dick ft Piers Morgan
  • Transphobic ft JK Rowling
  • Masked Brown Eyed Girl ft Van Morrison


Below you’ll find Jedward’s X Factor audition… just because it’s Friday and I think we could all do with a lift.

To quote Simon Cowell – ‘not very good and incredibly annoying’, but sure isn’t that why we love them?

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