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01st Mar 2017

Kim Kardashian Has Added An Irish Update To Her App


Ah, Kim. 

Love her, loathe her or want be her – she certainly knows how to make an impression. 

The incredibly successful business woman started a self-based app way back in 2014, which was said to be worth $200 million just a year later. 

Ever since, she’s been adding to it bit-by-bit, adding extra friends, family members and even offspring to the ever-growing game. 

And the latest addition?

Sure isn’t it only Ireland, herself. 

It seems that Kim was so enamoured with The Emerald Isle on her honeymoon three years ago, that she decided to add an Irish pub to the ranks of celebrities and hotspots deems suitable for the high-end app. 


We’re very keen to download the game now, just to see what sort of haunt Kim thinks an Irish pub is. Well, she did go to the Odeon on her trip to check out Maleficent, so I suppose she is somewhat aware of Irish culture…

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