'It's disgusting' - Late Late Show unveils new logo, with mixed reactions

By Sophie Collins

August 21, 2023 at 11:49am


The long-running Friday night show will return to our screens next month.

After a summer of controversy surrounding payments made to former host Ryan Tubridy, the new season of the Late Late Show will debut on 15th September. Format changes announced so far include a reduced amount of episodes per season (30 episodes, making the new season two months shorter than its predecessors), as well as a shorter 90-minute run for the show itself.

That’s according to the Sunday World, who reports that the programme will start at 9.35 pm and will run until 11.05 pm, as opposed to the prior 11.45 pm end time.

This comes after the new logo was revealed to fans on Twitter (X), and many people were left unimpressed by the changes.

After the image was published to social media, lots of viewers were asking where the iconic owl has disappeared to.

One fan responded saying: “Where’s the owl. Why do you constantly have to run out history. It’s disgusting.”


Another viewer wrote: “Where's the owl. Late late without the owl isn't late late.”

Late Late Show applications were launched for fans to apply to be in the audience, and the questions asked on the form have caused even more speculation of change.

Hopefuls are asked if they have any "funny/interesting/extraordinary stories" that they would "be happy to contribute on air".

This has led some to think the new format will involve the audience much more than before.

Applications remain open, so if you would love to experience all the action live, you can apply here.


This article originally appeared on her.ie 

Header image via Twitter/The Late Late Show 


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