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18th Mar 2020

Laura Whitmore’s Paddy’s Day TikTok was absolutely hilarious

Sarah Finnan

Laura Whitmore TikTok

Only her second-ever video on the app, we’re hoping that there are many more Laura Whitmore TikToks to come.

Laura Whitmore and boyfriend Iain Stirling kept themselves busy this Paddy’s Day… making TikToks.

As with many others, TikTok has been helping to keep us sane the past few days. A constant source of entertainment, the ‘for you’ feed is chock-a-block of light-hearted videos that help to distract from the otherwise negative noise on social media.

And though we’re regulars on the app at this point, even we were surprised to learn that the Whitmore has her own account.

Saying that they had a lot of extra time on their hands, the duo posted a celebratory Paddy’s Day video – donning their finest greenery and dancing along to some Irish trad.

Kitted out in a flowing green dress (that admittedly looked more like a shirt when Iain wore it), they threw on a bright orange wig too for good measure.

Laura pulled all her best Irish dancing moves out of the bag, showing she still remembers your basic haon, dó, trí. Iain was somewhat less graceful, choosing to stick to improv and make up his own moves instead.

They may not win awards for their dancing but they certainly helped to brighten up our day… and sure they have plenty of time to practice now anyways. We reckon they should try their hands feet at Siannise and Luke T’s routine next.

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