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24th Sep 2020

Laura Whitmore’s latest haul makes a convincing case against online shopping

Sarah Finnan

online shopping

Laura Whitmore has fallen victim to the perils of online shopping, learning that all is not always as it may seem on the world wide web.

Poor Laura… unfortunately though, we’ve all been there. This is a classic case of expectation versus reality – is it unreasonable to expect items to be as advertised? I think not.

Sharing a photo of a pastel-coloured geometric rug she ordered for her gaff, the statement piece looks to be decently sized judging by the online pic. Seen to measure the length of a full-sized sofa, naturally, the Whitmore was anticipating it to look the same in person.

Not so.

Sharing a second photo of her purchase, what arrived admittedly looks more like a bath mat than a rug. Did it maybe shrink in the shipping process? Either that or it’s actually intended for a children’s playhouse. Some suggested that the catalogue pics must have been taken in a dollhouse which would definitely explain the size disparity.

Brian O’Driscoll appears to be a big fan of the new addition though, commenting ‘LOOOOOOVE IT’ under the post. Slightly overdramatic maybe, but Laura seems to be feeling generous responding ‘you can have it’.

This makes for a convincing argument against online shopping. Buyers beware and all that.

Header image via Instagram/The Whitmore

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