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27th Jan 2020

Liam Gallagher has been heaping praise on Christy Dignam and Aslan

James Fenton

Christy Dignam isn’t short of admirers here in Ireland and it seems he can add Liam Gallagher and his fiancée Debbie Gwyther to the list.

The Oasis frontman has shared the couple’s love for the Aslan lead singer on Twitter, when asked his opinion on the Irish group by a fan. In what has become a regular occurrence on the platform, Gallagher had been teasing Oasis fans about a potential cooling of relations between himself and his older brother Noel, by posing the question ‘if you could choose between the three to support at Heaton Park who would you prefer the mighty Richard Ashcroft, Kasabian or Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds?’

Liam Gallagher Christy Dignam

The post was referring to Liam’s upcoming show at Heaton Park in Manchester and naturally, millions of Oasis fans would be only delighted to see the Gallagher brothers share the stage once more. There was a swift change of subject though, as one follower asked Liam his thoughts on our very own Christy Dignam, to which the Wall Of Glass singer replied: ‘I’ve heard his dude my Mrs loves his band.’

Not the easiest post to decipher and most likely a case of a slippy keyboard but Liam’s reply can be viewed below:

Liam Gallager Christy Dignam

Whatever about the grammar, Liam’s admiration for Christy and Aslan is clear and it isn’t the first time he has sung the praises of the band. Back in 2017, Gallagher told Today FM’s Ian Dempsey “My missus loves them. Debbie, what’s that song we sing when we’re drunk? Crazy World. She’s always getting the guitar out and singing it to me.”

Not a bad endorsement for one of Ireland’s best-loved bands. Aslan themselves remain as busy as ever and are currently touring the country. A support gig at Heaton Park in June is yet to be confirmed but we’ll be sure to keep you posted.