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22nd Apr 2020

Love Actually was on telly last night and people are slightly confused

Sarah Finnan

Love Actually

Yes, you read that right. Love Actually was on the telly… in April.

Quarantine will do strange things to a person. Common side effects include superhuman speed (judging by some of the 5k times we’ve been seeing online) and an overwhelming urge to bake banana bread. One side effect we hadn’t heard tell of though is confusion over months of the year, but it seems that the guys over at Comedy Central have fallen victim to that one.

Giving the impression that they’ve lost all sense of time and day, they decided to air Love Actually on the telly last night and we’re all just a little perplexed. It may feel as though it’s the 38749574989th day in quarantine, but surely it couldn’t be December yet?

There’s no denying it’s a whopper film but watching it in April feels wrong. Call us purists but Christmas movies should be left for Christmastime…didn’t stop us from watching though. When in quarantine, eh?

Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a lot to say on the matter – with mixed reactions to the Tuesday night special. Some were thrilled, others less so.

Eating an easter egg whilst watching any movie sounds like a good combination to us.

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