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24th Oct 2022

Micheál Martin joins TikTok with slightly dated ‘IT’S CORN’ trend

Katy Thornton

micheál martin tiktok

A nice effort, but about two months too late.

Look, we all love the corn video. It brought copious amounts of joy at a time where copious amounts of joy were truly a requirement. But, like all amazing TikTok trends, it has had its moment, and passed on into the internet ether, where it will hopefully never become overused. Do I enjoy the odd “IT’S CORN” video that continues to come up? Yes. But I do think it’s safe to say it’s over now.

Well, not to Micheál Martin, who joined TikTok this year with his own (slightly dated) take on “IT’S CORN.” Except instead of corn, it was Cork. Not hard to figure out why he chose Cork, it’s just a shame he didn’t think of this a couple of months ago.

If we had to say goodbye to gems such as “berries and cream”, “perfect, perfect, perfect” and “uncut gems”, then we have to say goodbye to “IT’S CORN” too. That includes you Taoiseach. Move onto something more relevant next time. Maybe the “Cuff It” dance, or the “Super Freaky Girl” story time videos. I would even welcome his unfiltered thoughts on Taylor Swift’s new album honestly. Or knowing what he would rather sit on a hot grill over.

Anyway, we look forward to his next attempt.

Header image via TikTok & YouTube

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