Michelle Obama to release new podcast on Spotify

By Sarah Finnan

July 16, 2020 at 4:20pm


Having already released her new documentary Becoming, Michelle Obama has now turned her attention to podcasting - announcing that The Michelle Obama Podcast will land on Spotify at the end of this month.

Michelle Obama has announced that she'll be launching her own podcast in collaboration with Spotify at the end of this month. Acknowledging that it's been a "tough" year (that's to put it lightly), the former First Lady hopes that her new project will help people to spark new conversations about what we're all going through.

Sharing the exciting news on her Instagram and detailing what's to come, Michelle wrote:

"For this first season, I'll be talking with some of the people most dear to me: my mom, my brother, my friends, colleagues, and many others. In each episode, we'll discuss the relationships that make us who we are.

Sometimes that might be as personal as our relationship with our health and our bodies. Other times, we'll be talking about the challenges and the joys of being a parent or a spouse, the friendships that help us through hard times, or the growth we experience when we lean on colleagues and mentors."


Covering topics that most people deal with on a daily basis, the conversations explore how such issues can often take on new meaning when we're going through other experiences - a global pandemic or systemic racism for example.

"What I love about these conversations is that they're issues we’re all dealing with every day––and they can take on new meaning when we’re going through a global pandemic or seeking out long-overdue racial justice in our communities.

Mostly, I hope this podcast will help you open up new conversations––and hard conversations––with the people who matter most to you. That’s how we can build more understanding and empathy for one another––especially during times like this."

We've been looking for new recommendations so she couldn't have timed it better. Out July 29th.

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