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21st Dec 2016

8 Of The Best Christmas Movie Moments From Your Childhood


Christmas is a nostalgic time to begin with. A fundamental part of this is the movies we watched with adoration, our eyes glued to the screen from credits to credits.

The magic and excitement surrounding the festive season is something to be relived, so we thought we’d round up the most iconic moments from your favourite childhood classic Christmas flicks.


1. When Kevin tricked the burglars (Home Alone, 1990)

Nothing was more satisfying that Kevin kicking Harry and Marv’s asses with all of those contraptions.

Relive that fascinating series of moral wins below.

2. When Buddy the Elf first arrives in New York (Elf, 2003)

With absolutely no knowledge of the world outside of the North Pole, Buddy braces the Big Apple by eating perfume, getting overexcited about the world’s best cup of coffee and enjoying a revolving door.

3. When Santa speaks to the deaf girl (Miracle On 34th Street, 1994)

This movie is all about believing in Santa Claus and when protagonist Susan sees Santa speaking in sign language to a deaf girl, her scepticism is challenged.

4. When Santa falls off the roof (The Santa Clause, 1994)

This is where the magic begins. 

Scott Calvin, determined to prove his son wrong, wanders outside in the snow in his underwear only to frighten Santa so much so that he falls off the roof leaving Calvin to take on his job for the rest of Christmas Eve.

5. When the Grinch opens himself to caring for others (The Grinch, 2000)

The Grinch has just stolen all of the presents in Whoville when Cindy Lou Who appears and speaks the all-important words: “no one should be alone this Christmas”.

The Grinch leaves all of his spite and selfishness behind and re-enters society a happy and helpful soul.

All’s well that ends well.

6. When George comes back to reality (It’s A Wonderful Life, 1946)

After a turbulent series of twists and turns, George Bailey begs the angel Clarence to bring him back to life. His wish is granted leading to an overjoyed and new appreciative George.

7. When Rowan Atkinson extravagantly gift wraps Alan Rickman’s purchase (Love Actually, 2003)

This hilarious scene sums up the dad who does his Christmas shopping at the last minute and haphazardly. Rickman, frustrated and flustered, is keeping an eye out for his wife while Atkinson lavishly gift wraps the necklace Rickman has just bought.

It’ll shred your nerves every time.

8. When the Polar Express first appears (The Polar Express, 2004)

The fear, the anticipation and the excitement of Christmas are all captured at once in this scene when the Polar Express rolls up outside our young hero’s house.


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