Here Are Ireland's 12 Favourite Horror Movies

Did you agree with number 1?


With Halloween taking place just next Monday, it's time to start get watching the best horror flicks around – but where to begin?

Luckily for us, Spin1038 surveyed 1,000 Irish people to reveal the nation's favourite scary movies. 

Here are the top 12.  

12. Carrie (6%)


11. The Babadook (6%)

Babadook Gif

10. The Blair Witch Project (6%)

Blair Witch

9. The Omen (6%)

The Omen

8. Friday The 13th (7%)

Friday The 13Th

7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (7%)

Texas Chainsaw

6. Saw (8%)


5. Paranormal Activity (8%)

Paranormal Activity

4. The Ring (8%)

The Ring

3. The Exorcist (9%)

The Exorcist

2. The Conjuring (14%)


1. Scream (16%)


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