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29th Sep 2022

New York cabby flies to Dublin to settle a 9-year pint debt

Katy Thornton

cabby dublin pint debt

We hope he gets some interest – surely it’s worth 4 pints by now.

Not going to lie, we’re kind of obsessed with this story. John McDonagh, a New York cabby, is settling a debt from nine years ago. On August 5th 2013, McDonagh was driving an Irish pub owner, who was short on the final fare. The passenger, who owns Gaffney & Son in Fairview, instead promised McDonagh two free pints from his pub, writing up an IOU as an official contract. The taxi-man went on to say how the pair managed to decide on the deal, saying:

We discussed the value of the euro vs. the value of the dollar, the cost of the drinks, and settled on two pints of Guinness as being sufficient to make up for the difference in the fare.”

McDonagh accepted, and whether the passenger truly believed he’d one day have to pay up, that day is nearly here. The New York cabby took to Instagram to share he was flying to Dublin to settle their nine year pint debt.

He’s even kept the IOU sheet to prove that he is who he says. McDonagh also says he hopes the pints, “live up to the hype of being the best pulled pints in Dublin.”

We can’t wait to hear how he gets on. McDonagh is currently in Ireland, interviewing and rehearsing for his play “Off the Meter, on the Record”. He’s also been invited to the Guinness Storehouse and from there he will go onto Gaffney & Son for his free pints.

After nine years, we hope this cabby enjoys his trip to Dublin and settling the pint debt.

Header image via Instagram/cabtivist

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