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21st May 2020

Nicky Byrne delights fans with vintage throwback from Westlife’s golden days

Sarah Finnan

Nicky Byrne Westlife

Westlife member Nicky Byrne has delighted fans, sharing a cheeky throwback snap from the band’s early days.

Nicky Byrne has shared a funny throwback photo from Westlife’s first photo shoot. Taken back in the band’s golden days, the snap shows all five members (yes, even Brian McFadden) fresh-faced and fancy-free.

Delving into the archives, just as many of us have been doing over the past few weeks, Nicky posted the photo to Instagram writing:

“Look what I found! Our first ever professional photoshoot and flyer. ”

In fact, the poster is so vintage that it actually refers to the band under their first name. Now known and loved as Westlife, the group originally started out as Westside – before discovering that that name was already in use and so they changed it.

Nicky went on to poke some good-natured fun at Ronan Keating, who stood in as the band’s co-manager along with Louis Walsh back in the early days. Described as having the “voices of angels” with “heavenly songs”, it seems the fivesome were always tipped to make it big.

Everything about this screams peak 90s – the outfits, the poses, the hair. Ah, what a time.

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