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18th Dec 2017

Attention Everyone: Nutella Lipstick Is Now a Thing


Just when we thought Nutella couldn’t possibly become a more important part of our lives. 

The deliciously amazing, chocolatey, hazelnut spread has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

And now, we can officially wear it on our lips all day long… because a Nutella lipstick now exists. 


The lipsticks were created by Beauty Bakerie – a bakery inspired makeup store, and are cleverly named Nude-Tella.

They come in a variety of shades; Skinny Dip, Nudi-Tea, Birthday Suit and Bake it Naked.

Not only do they actually look gorgeous, they’re vegan too, which is always a bonus. 

And the most important part? They really do smell like Nutella.

The set of four is selling at $60.00 (around €51.00), and you can get it shipped to Ireland for and extra $13.00.

Although this may seem quite expensive for lipstick, whether it’s for yourself or the Nutella lover in your life, we’re sure it’ll be worth it.

Anything to do with Nutella is worth it.

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