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20th Jan 2023

‘Oh, what a man’ Maura Higgins discusses jaw-dropping moment she met Jamie Dornan

Katy Thornton

maura higgins jamie dornan

A real manly man Maura?

After sharing a selfie with legendary Irish actor Jamie Dornan, Love Island’s Maura Higgins has spoken more about their chance encounter.

Maura bumped into the 50 Shades of Grey star at the airport before she set off on a trip to Mexico.

Taking to Instagram, she told her fans that she was in a state of disbelief when she saw him.

“Can you believe the morning I had?” she said. “To people out there, yes I know he’s just a normal person like everyone else. I’m obsessed, like you do not know how many times I have watched 50 Shades of Grey. I’ve got no words.”

She went on to share that her “jaw hit the f***ing floor” when she saw him.

“I’m still not well after it,” she said. “I mean, Fifty Shades of Fanny Flutters, that’s what I was dealing with.”

Maura also believes that because she was actually wearing several shades of grey, their encounter was the result of “manifestation”.

“Can you believe as well I’m literally wearing different shades of grey? Now if that’s not a manifestation, I don’t know what is.”

She also shared that she received many DMs asking if he is her new boyfriend, which she denied.

“A lot of people DM’d me like, ‘Oh is he your new boyfriend?’ I mean, hello?”  she said.

Maura added that aside from the fact that Jamie Dornan is married with three children, she said that if Jamie was her boyfriend she would probably “be so busy 24/7” that she would just “delete her Instagram”.

“Oh, what a man,” she added dreamily.

Header images via Instagram/maurahiggins 

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