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21st Apr 2020

People are loving RTE’s new documentary Abbeyfealegood

Sarah Finnan

Abbeyfealegood documentary

In need of a few new questions for your next Zoom quiz? Here’s one for you – what town has more hairdressers and barbers per head of population than any other town in Ireland? (Hint: the answer’s in the name of the show.)

Yes, that’s right,  Abbeyfeale in Co. Limerick. With a population of just over 2,000 people, the town boasts an impressive number of  16 hairdressers and barbers across two streets.

Made by Atom films, Abbeyfealegood is a new documentary directed by Alex Fegan, giving viewers a closer look at the town’s salons, their owners and the locals who frequent them. All while exploring “the full spectrum of human experience” in a small rural Irish town.

Why so many though? According to the RTE website:

“Although pubs, restaurants and shops have closed, hairdressers and barbers have sprung up in their place. It could be said that they are the lifeblood of Abbeyfeale.

Locals frequent them to look good and to feel good, and whether they be young or old, they also come to talk. There is a unique and intimate bond between customers and hairdressers and some of them have known each other for decades… And, in the mirrors of these salons, stories unfold that elevate ordinary, everyday existence into something universal and extraordinary. ”

Hitting Irish tellies last night, the show aired on RTE and people have been loving it – describing it as “heartwarming” and “second to none”.

All 16 of the town’s hairdressers and barbers may currently be closed, but we have no doubts that business will be back booming once again as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

And in case you missed it, you can still catch Abbeyfealegood on the RTE player for the next 30 days.

(Header image courtesy of RTE)

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