PIC: Someone Made A Map Of All The Dirty Place Names In The World

Can you guess where from Ireland made the filthy list?

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Of all the things in this world that we enjoy most - a funny place name definitely claims one of the top spots. 

I mean, did you know there's a place called Arse in France?! No, but now you know. And we bet you're glad for it.

A map has been released with all the filthy place names of the world, and one of Ireland's finest made the list.

Can you guess what it is?

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Photo cred: Marvellous Maps

Of course - MUFF. The sleepy town in Donegal. Surely the owner of that town deserves a medal. 

And the best part about all of this? 

You can BUY ONE. For real. What a deadly Christmas present. 

I mean, who doesn't need a little Muff in their lives?

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