PIC: This Irish Bride Had A Seriously Gas Guide To Irish Slang At Her Wedding

By Sarah

October 9, 2017 at 8:34am


If you've ever been at a wedding where half the guests are Irish and half aren't, you probably know that a few things can eh, sometimes get lost in translation.

"What's the craic?" might make your fellow guests think you're asking for some sort of mad Class A drug, and as for telling them you're banjaxed?


Luckily, a bride from Tipperary and her groom from New York made a handy slang translation guide for their guests to solve any potential communication problems on the big day.

It's OTT and utterly gas.

Image: Reddit

We'd say there were some serious laughs at the tables over this, and guests trying to out-do eachother with mad slang.

Fair play.

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