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08th Apr 2020

PICS: Last night’s super pink moon was a good one and here’s the proof

Sarah Finnan

super pink moon

Skies were a little brighter than usual last night, lit up by the super pink moon.

People around the country set their alarms last night, waking up to look skyward in search of the super pink moon.

Super moons occur when a new or full moon lines up with perigee -otherwise known as the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. The moon doesn’t orbit the Earth in a perfect circle, meaning that a few times a year the perigee coincides with the most dramatic phases of the year – resulting in a super moon.

The third super moon of the year, April’s pink moon was also the biggest and brightest of 2020 so far.

Drawing inspiration from a wildflower that blooms over in the US in early spring, some might say that the pink moon is deceptively named.

While many of us were sound asleep in our leabas, the dedicated few ventured outside, cameras in hand. And the resulting photos are stunning, have a look at some of our favourites below.

Not actually pink in colour, the moon instead gave off a reddish-orange tinge… though admittedly, some of the photos do look slightly pink.

We’re regretting our decision to stay in bed after looking at those.

(Header image courtesy of @jimrocks and @richiejpphotography)

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