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23rd May 2020

PICS: Rescue mission to retrieve airborne paddling pool successful

Sarah Finnan

paddling pool

A Belfast family was forced to carry out a rescue mission yesterday afternoon after their paddling pool got caught up in the windy weather – landing on a neighbour’s roof.

Windy weather and unsecured outside entertainment don’t go together… a fact proved true any time there’s a storm outside. Trampolines, patio furniture, goals, sports equipment – none of it is safe from gusty gale-force winds. Just look to Twitter for the most recent evidence of this as Nicola McCrudden has shared a snap of her neighbour’s paddling pool, in what some might say, is a rather strange location.

Posting a photo of the pool on the roof of another neighbour’s house, it seems that the plastic toy got caught up in by the recent bout of windy weather landing on a nearby chimney and causing onlookers to joke that it was now a heated pool. You have to appreciate a good dad joke, and that right there is one of the highest order. I thoroughly approve.

While a rooftop infinity pool may be the dream, unfortunately, the plastic blow-up version wouldn’t suffice and so the owners set an elaborate rescue mission in motion to retrieve the pool. Nicola made sure to update the public on the situation and amazingly the owners did in fact manage to get it back. Best keep it indoors until the good weather returns though as we highly doubt they’d be so lucky to get it back twice.

(Header image courtesy of @nicmccrudden)

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