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PICS: This Guy Got His Parents To Transport A Chicken Fillet Roll And Lucozade From Dublin To Holland

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It’s a known fact amongst the far-flung diaspora of Ireland that one of the hardest parts about moving away is, in fact, missing out on all the treats in which you used to indulge, prior to your emigration. 

Guinness! Taytos! 99s!

The list is endless. 

However, while some simply lament the past – others construct the future. One of those people is Andrew Lowry, and here’s his story.

Currently located in Maastricht, The Netherlands – Andrew was lucky enough to be visited by his parents just this week – who brought a little more than just a mother’s love. 

As per his request, Andrew’s parents managed to do what we ne’er thought possible – and transport a chicken fillet roll and bottle of Lucozade to their darling boy across the water. 

Andrew treated us to a live feed of the event on his Twitter – which is, let us tell you, an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. 



We’re knackered after that.

But what a happy ending <3

We got in touch with Andrew before we finished up to ask him the all important questions…

Thanks a million to Andrew for sharing his story – and long may his parents be utter legends. 

Up parents! H’up Holland! Up chicken fillet rolls!

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