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10th Mar 2018

PICS: Twitter Is Sharing All The Best ‘Irish Mammy Moments’ From Around The Country


They’ll always be worried about you getting a chill in your kidneys and not even the fiercest snow storm in years could stop them from hanging out the washing – Irish mammies are pure legends. 

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Twitter has put together the very best of Irish mammy moments from recent times and we gotta say, they’re pure gold. 

Here’s some of the best #IrishMammy Tweets: 

You arrive home from school starving and raid the press only to find good biscuits hidden behind the never-ending box of weetabix. Then just as you’re about to open the lovely bikkies, Mammy notices and shouts “Those biscuits are for the visitors at the weekend!” and you’re busted.

When we got that bit older and began to go out more with our friends just, as we were about to leave Mammy would pipe up and say “Oh, you’re off gallivanting again I suppose! But sure isn’t it well for ye!” But she always has your back at the same time…



Your Mammy always knows best and the minute you walk into the house with your jacket still on she’ll tell you to “Take off your coat or it’ll be of no use to you when you go outside love.” The house is freezing and you reluctantly take it off because you don’t want to upset your Mother. And home is a very hard place to leave…

Despite all the advice and nagging the Irish Mammy is a comfort and reminder that home is always there no matter what. We love our Mammies, we treasure them, their funny texts and sayings, and them just being themselves.

We don’t deserve them. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Irish mammies out there xox

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