These Three Lads Have Left Their Mammies To Travel Along The Irish Coast And It's Gas

And it's all for a great cause


Jack, Darragh and Paul from Clonakilty in County Cork have been roadtripping along the Wild Atlantic Way since last Sunday and they've been documenting every step of their journey on Twitter.

The expedition is all in aid of Pieta House, a non-profit organisation which provides specialised treatment to those who have suicidal ideation or who participate in self-harming.

The lads have been recording all the ups and downs of the trip so far including the last fry before they left their mammies...

The traffic jams they've encountered.

The gorgeous Irish weather they've been experiencing.

Some of the stunning scenery they're witnessing.

They even got tattoos of the Wild Atlantic Way symbol to commemorate the occasion! 

As expected, their mammies weren't too happy about this!

You get to meet the new pals they've made.

And share their tent struggles.

They're currently in Mayo and are about two thirds through their adventure along the west coast.

All the while they're raising awareness about mental health and suicide.

This is truly great stuff lads, keep it up!

You can follow their journey on Twitter here: @TooFarFromMammy

And you can find more information about Pieta House here.

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