This Is What A Proposed All-Ireland Motorway Would Look Like

What do you think of the new plan?

Motorway Main

An extremely ambitious proposal has been put forward that could potentially see an all-Ireland motorway in place by 2040.

The motorway was a major component of a report created by the Joint Business Council (JBC) of Ibec and CBI Northern Ireland calling for urgent investment in Irish infrastructure as the "efficient movement of people, capital, goods and services is crucial to an effective, competitive and modern economy".

Here is our motorway network as it currently is.

Motorway Present


Here's what the proposed network would look like.

Motorway Main Body


It's estimated that, if the plan were to be picked up, it would be delivered by 2040. But how most would it cost to complete, you ask? €15 billion. 

What do you think of this proposal? Let us know in the comments.

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