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08th Mar 2021

PSA: Shrek 1 AND 2 will be added to Netflix next month

Sarah Finnan


Things may be starting to look up as Netflix has confirmed that Shrek 1 and 2 will be landing on the streaming platform next month. 

It’s been a hard old slog the past few months and with very little good news to intersperse the doom and gloom, things can feel a little heavy these days. But Netflix has just about made our day today, taking to Twitter to confirm that both the first and second Shrek movies will join the online streaming platform next month.

Making the announcement on social media earlier today, Netflix tweeted to say:

“SHREK NEWS… Shrek returns to Netflix on 1 April. End of Shrek news.”

Some people were a little thrown by the date, with some hesitant to take it at face value – suggesting that it’s actually an elaborate ploy cooked up by the streaming giant to trick us all. Hoping to put those suspicions to bed once and for all, network bosses followed their original tweet up with another, which viewers should essentially take as the online equivalent of a pinky promise.

“(Just because something is happening on 1 April doesn’t mean it’s an April Fool. Shrek is coming, promise.)”

Also answering a fan’s query about when Shrek 2 will be added to the platform, Netflix had further good news on that front… confirming that it will join the first film online on April 1st as well.

“Shrek 2 ALSO returns on 1 April. What. A. Day.”

A great day as far as Mondays go in fairness.

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