Richard Chambers, Gavan Reilly and Zara King have launched a podcast

By Fiona Frawley

March 10, 2022 at 5:37pm


The holy trinity of pandemic news have joined forces once more.

This time in a format you'll be able to find wherever you get your podcasts.

The hold Richard, Gavan and Zara have had over Irish news the last two years is hard to put into words. The emoji laced, informative tweets, the cheeky dips into pop culture discourse (including an appearance on Love Island recap My Pod on Paper by Gavan Reilly), the fact that RC has written the literal book on the pandemic - they're journalists relied upon by millions, but ones that you'd also like to be mates with. If that makes sense.

Many of us have wondered what the rapport among the three broadcasting superstars must be like in real life - their tweets and news reports are shared so regularly around our Whatsapp groups, but what's the craic like in theirs? Well my friends, we're about to find out.

Richard Chambers, Gavan Reilly and Zara King have just announced the launch of their podcast, The Group Chat, accompanied by a group photoshoot that'd give the New Girl promo shots a run for their money.

The Group Chat, which launches at the end of this month will be a weekly breakdown of the biggest news stories "with an insight into what's actually happening behind those headlines". In a promo vid for the podcast the trio can be heard discussing the gravitas of Whatsapp groups, divulging that “the root of all power in this country is the group chat”. We always knew it.


The post announcing the pod also says it'll "be a chance to answer some of your key questions about the stories and how they affect your daily life" which we're taking to mean that all the extremely specific, personal situation based questions Richard Chambers got on Twitter following the announcement of every lockdown/easing over the past two years will be answered during recordings. It's what the people need.

The first episode of The Group Chat will be available to listen to on March 24th.

Header image via Instagram/newschambers 

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