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16th May 2018

RTÉ Has Received Several Complaints About This Programme From Viewers

Darragh Berry

With just over a week to go until the referendum on the Eighth Amendment, the Irish public were given a chance to educate themselves further on the matter when the last of three debates was chaired on Claire Byrne Live on Monday night.

The Irish Independent is reporting that the National Broadcaster has received a number of complaints about the way the debate was handled on the show.

Speakers from both the yes and no side featured on the debate and people online were not happy with the way the programme was conducted.

In a statement on the matter, RTÉ told the publication that they tried to give each side an equal opportunity on the night.

“Impartial analysis of Claire Byrne Live Referendum Special will show that when the number of speakers on each side of the referendum question and the airtime afforded to them are both taken into account, the programme gave an equitable and fair opportunity to both sides to express their views,” a spokesperson said.

“While the programme did its best to include as many voices as it could, it was not possible to speak to everyone and it was made clear to every audience member in advance that there was no guarantee they would get to speak on the programme.”

The first debate was held on The Late Late Show while the second one was a brief meeting on Prime Time.

RTÉ has not released the exact number of complaints because of the ongoing campaign.

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