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16th Jan 2020

‘Seduce Someone in Four Words’ is trending on Twitter and the replies are hilarious

Sarah Finnan

Trending on Twitter.

Twitter never fails to deliver when it comes to hilarious content.

Trending on Twitter: not great for productivity levels – blink once and you’ll find yourself three hours deep in a thread discussing different conspiracy theories – but that aside it’s the place to go when you’re feeling glum and need a good LOL.

Seduce Someone in Four Words’ is the latest hashtag to entertain us to no end. Currently trending on Twitter, the replies are absolutely gas.

Below are some of my faves.

The answer is yes. The answer is always yes.


When you’re broke and contemplating beans on toast for dinner for the eighth night in a row.

Sports fans will relate.

Sharing is caring.

Guaranteed to make suitors swoon.

There is only one answer…and that answer is obviously yes (in case that wasn’t abundantly clear).

How to win the Lovin office over: a guide.

FINE. You’ve convinced me.

“I cooked the dinner” also good.

And for the golden ticket…

Endless entertainment.

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