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12th Mar 2019

Sister Michael Actress Had The Best Response When Asked About A Spin-Off Involving Her Character

James Fenton

Derry Girls has been a huge success since entering our lives in January of last year so it was only a matter of time before people started coming up with ideas about how to ruin it.

First, there were the calls for a crossover episode involving the Channel 4 comedy and The Young Offenders which would have worked okay except for the fact that the two shows are set 20 years apart and writing a time machine into the script might have been a bit far-fetched.

Similarly, since the second series began last week with another stand-out performance by Siobhan McSweeney as Sister Michael, people online have been calling for the surly character to be given her own spin-off series. The question is though, what exactly would it be about?

McSweeney herself addressed the possibility when speaking to Ian Dempsey on Today FM this morning. When asked about getting a starring role in her own show, she was forthright in saying “I don’t see a spin-off. I think every character exists so fully and truly in that particular environment. Where would you travel to? Would it be her and Frasier in Seattle eye-rolling at each other? I think she’s very much a character of her situation”

Frasier is arguably the most successful spin-off of all but that shouldn’t really justify sending Sister Michael off into the world just for the sake of it.

The second episode of Derry Girls series two airs tonight and fans will be hoping for a lot more of these classic lines from everyone’s favourite nun since Sister Mary Clarence.

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