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So THIS Is Why People Love Christmas Music So Much

By Shirleydonlon

December 22, 2017 at 9:57am


No matter how many times we hear 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' it literally never gets old...

The massive list of Christmas songs that are recycled every single year is endless but for some reason we never really seem to get tired of listening to them. 

And while those upbeat Christmas songs that get us flying around the dancefloor on Stephen's night are always great, sometimes the slower, more sentimental Christmas songs are the songs we secretly have playing through our earphones.

And the reason for our love of warm, fuzzy Christmassy songs? 

It could all be down to psychology.


According to Refinery29, music is closely linked with nostalgia.

Because of this, listening to a song that you loved years can actually bring you back to an old time, like when you were in primary school.

Listening to Christmas songs can bring you that warm and cosy feeling that you had when you were a child.

A study carried out in the 90s revealed that even if people couldn't recall the exact time they had heard a certain song, they could recognise the emotions they were experiencing at that time.

Therefore, listening to Christmas songs can automatically make you feel happy,  because your brain has most likely created positive associations with the songs. 

According to neuroscientist Brian Rabinovitz, another reason we can't get enough of Christmas songs is because they are often structured to be naturally pleasing.

Their song patterns tend to be predictable, so each time we listen to them the patterns become more and more obvious to us. So when we subconsciously predict these patterns and get them right, it can be quite satisfying.

So the next time you get all the feels while listening to "Baby It's Cold Outside", don't be embarrassed - it's SUPPOSED to make you feel that way.

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