Spooky season is officially over, but we've rounded up our fave costumes

By Katy Thornton

November 1, 2021 at 11:01am


We're sadly bidding adieu to spooky season, but not before paying homage to these unreal costumes

Whether you take the scary approach to Halloween, or the Mean Girls approach, we think you'll appreciate the effort and art that went into these costumes.

1. Evergreen

We just can't with this one - Kojaque dressed up as the Evergreen ship that blocked the Suez Canal for days back in March. We are obsessed that he even thought to do this.

2. Starbocks

Dressing up is not just for people. Guji Coffee Bar in Cork had a makeover and went as their favourite coffee shop, Starbocks. We're obsessed.


3. Paul Mescal

Brendan O'Loughlin of 98FM decided to go as Paul Mescal for Halloween, and he really pulls it off. The arm placement in particular sells the look.

4. Ghosting

This costume brings a whole new meaning to dressing up as a ghost for Halloween. Iconic.


5. Jedward Scissorhands

Wordplay and costumes are two of our favourite things. Maria Lawlor (@marialolza on Instagram) is the queen of Halloween. You have to check out her Lil Nas X costume too because it's incredible.

6. Internet Troll

We have to throw it back to when Roz Purcell went as an internet troll - so creative.

7. Winifred Sanderson of Hocus Pocus

Keilidh has been busy this season making a wild variety of costumes, but we love this Hocus Pocus classic.


8. Dinosaur

Costumes are also for pups it would seem. The likeness of this one is uncanny!


9. Baby Yoda

We couldn't not include Lizzo as Baby Yoda.

10. Amy Huberman


I mean, this is just gas.

11. Han Solo & Princess Leia

Laura Whitmore and hubby Iain Stirling are back at it again with their creative costumes. It seems they're now the parents to Baby Yoda; should they give Lizzo a call?

What was your favourite costume of the season?

Header image via Instagram/amy_huberman

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