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21st Jan 2019

Spotify’s New Feature Is Exactly What The World Was Crying Out For

Kiara Keane

Spotify has finally introduced a very handy new feature that most users have been wishing they’d add for years.

You can now block or mute certain artists so that they won’t ever get played while you’re listening to a playlist, chart list, radio station or library.

The “don’t play this artist” feature has been rolled out with its latest iOS update but isn’t available on desktop just yet.

Spotify originally decided not to offer the blocking feature “after serious consideration” back in 2017 but has now changed its mind on that.

The block function works on songs by individual artists but for now they won’t be able to pick up on songs where they are a featured artist.

It’s thought the streaming service decided to introduce this after the Surviving R Kelly documentary was released and the resulting #MuteRKelly protest began trending.

The singer was previously removed from all official Spotify playlists but his songs were still available to stream on his artist profile, though the new feature means listeners can choose to block R Kelly (or any other artist) entirely.

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