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14th Aug 2018

Irish Viewers Of ‘The Staircase’ Will Hear All About The Shocking “Owl Theory” Which Has Gripped The Internet

James Fenton

True crime fans have been gripped this summer by Netflix documentary The Staircase which tells the story of the death of Kathleen Peterson in U.S. and the murder trial which followed.

In December 2001, Kathleen’s body was found at the bottom of the stairs at the North Carolina home which she shared with novelist husband Michael Peterson. Without giving too much away, Michael was charged with his wife’s murder and the story of what happened next is laid out over 13 episodes of the French-made documentary which first aired in 2004.

A theory which didn’t actually make it into the show, and is therefore not technically a spoiler before you all start, is one which has gripped Reddit and Twitter threads as the show’s popularity soars.

Basically, Kathleen was allegedly found with clumps of her own hair and microscopic feathers in her hands when her body was found, leading many to believe she attempted to fight off an owl as she made her way into her home.

One of those who feels the theory is entirely plausible is Michael Peterson’s attorney David Rudolf who just so happens to be bringing his live conversation show to Ireland later this year.

Tickets were quickly snapped up for the Cork and Dublin shows but, luckily, an extra date has just been announced for Liberty Hall in the capital on November 29.

According to the above video, it’s not uncommon for an owl to attack a human in that part of the United States, but could one of the nocturnal birds have been responsible for Kathleen Peterson’s death?

You’ll have to get a ticket to find out.

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