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7 Reasons 'Tallafornia' Was The Most Iconic Show To Ever Grace Our TV Screens

By Brian Dillon

September 12, 2019 at 5:00pm


The early 2010s were a strange time. And that’s a severe understatement.

In a time when lads rocked chinos with red-haired Rihanna t-shirts and gals had fringes that defied the laws of gravity, there was a TV show that came to our screens and to be honest, we haven’t been the same since.

Well, friends, it’s time we look at just how culturally significant this incredible show was. And what show is that, you ask. Well, it has to be none other than Tallafornia.

And here are some of the reasons the show was the most iconic thing to ever happen in pop culture history.

“You’re Nointeen, Shut Yer Face”

Honestly, this takes the bait as the most iconic moment to happen on the show, and dare I say, on Irish television.

He wanted loads of eggs, she didn’t want as many eggs, and chaos ensued. But damn, did he put her in her place when he let her know that she could never possibly know how many eggs is too many eggs, because, of course, she is a mere 19-year-old.

After all, it’s only five eggs per bloke per day. She for real?

When Nikita Gave Phil That Lapdance

This is probably one of those moments that made us cringe the most, but like many moments on the show, it has aged so well and has become so meme-able.

You go girl. We support you.

Their Big Trip Away Was To Ponsa

The Geordie Shore cast jetted off to Cancun. The Jersey Shore cast went all the way to Rome. Tallafornia went on a 6th year holiday to Santa Ponsa.

Listen, we know the budget probably wasn’t as generous as Geordie and Jersey Shore, but for some reason, I find it so funny that they went to Santa Ponsa on their big season away.

The Fights

The fights were, well, interesting. Eggs and age aside, there were plenty more heated fights between the cast.

Like this feisty moment between Phil and Kelly.

The Fashion

Honestly, what were you thinking?!

Between Cormac’s sunglasses and Nikita’s side-braid, I’m getting a headache. But, like, they were stun at the time. But my god, the style trends of that time have not aged well.

Just Cormac in general

He’s probably the most meme-able of the bunch, thanks to his “yer nointeen shut yer face” moment and his unique ways.

For a while, he was selling merchandise from his website,, which is, unfortunately, not available anymore.

I don’t know about you, but I’d well rock a Corminator t-shirt out and about.

Stripper Jay

Did you even have a 21st birthday party if this chap didn’t show up and strip off?

Honestly, everything about this show was just iconic. Although it had a short run, Tallafornia will live on in our hearts forever.


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